Will my bag look exactly like the photo?

Each bag is handmade and hand tanned by our artisan families. While the shape and style will be the same, no two bags will ever be exactly identical in color or weave pattern in the same batches. And that's what makes your bag truly one of a kind.

What materials are the bags made of?

For this season, all our bags are crafted from rattan and buntal materials.

How do I protect my bag?

Because they are made of natural materials and are not synthetic, you should treat your item with care. Keep your bag in a dry place when possible and away from water. If your bag is exposed to water, please rub gently with a dry, neutral colored cloth and allow to air dry. 

How to clean and take care of a piece of stray rattan on my bag?

This may happen and it’s completely normal. If a piece of stray rattan juts out from the weave, it’s easily fixed with a pair of nail trimmers.

Is it possible to view the bags and purchase in-person?

The answer is “YES”. You will be able to view and purchase our bags in-person at all local bazaars we participate in. Stay tuned for updates by following us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.